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Name: CH Polar Mist You've Got Mail HIC
Call Name: Kelly
Nickname: KK and K-Dog
Birthdate: November 25, 2002
Favorite Color: red
Theme Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
5 things about Kelly
1. Kelly is named after Meg Ryan's character in the movie You've Got Mail.
2. Kelly loves to eat. Anything. And everything.
3. Kelly ate a pair of pantyhose when she was 8 months old (see #2)
4. Kelly had three surgeries in a week when she was 8 months old (see #3)
5. Kelly took her first championship points with a shaved tummy, neck and legs (see #4)


Kelly's story.....

Hi Everybody! Until Aliy's puppies were born recently, I was the youngest WhiteStar! I came to live here last winter when my Aunt Lynette brought me on a plane to my mommy. I spent the first 3 days in my new home at a dog show with my big sisters Ilsa and Raven. The minute I saw Ilsa I knew we were going to be best friends forever.

I've had an interesting life so far... I've been to Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, New Mexico and California... all before I was a year old.

I also had a scary time last summer. I really like to chew on things, all kinds of things. I spent almost two weeks in the hospital last year after Iate a pair of panty hose. I had three surgeries and had to have plasma transfusions and they fed me thru a tube in my tummy. It was all very icky and I feel so bad that I made my mommy worry so much about me. She calls me her 2nd miracle girl... my Aunt Sasha was the 1st miracle girl.

I'm very healthy now and am growing up really fast. I wasn't in very many shows last year or ealy this year since I spent most of last year with the hair shaved on my tummy, neck and legs but I've been really tearing up the show ring lately! I took my firs tmajor back in August the day after ilsa finished. then I went to Santa Fe and took back to back wins. Then on to the National where I was 3rd in the Open class, beating 37 other girls. At my very next show I took Best of Breed over all the specials, then I did it again at the next show. Then at the next show I finished!!!



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