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Name: Polar Mist White Star Sasha CGC
Call Name: Sasha
Nickname: Punky, Skunky
Birthdate: December 7, 1993
Favorite Color: blue
Theme Song: Wild Thing


5 things about Sasha
1. Sasha died April 20, 2000.
2. Sasha was the smartest Samoyed I have ever known.
3. Sasha had kidney and liver failure at 5 months of age.
4. Sasha once stole bisucits off the top of the refrigerator.
5. Sasha's picture has been in books and magazines many times.

Sasha's story....

I don't remember too much of my very early life... I know I had lots of brother and sisters to play with and I know I was a very happy little girl. Then one day my Aunt Lynette put me in a little pink crate and told me I was going to meet my new Mom. The next thing I know, this person that I later found out was my Mom, was picking me up and telling me that I was the most beautiful puppy in the world. My new Mom took really good care of me and I had lots of toys and brothers and sisters to play with.

Mom also started taking me to puppy kindergarten and to conformation classes so that I could learn to be a well behaved show dog. (Ha! Little did she know what I had planned for the show ring!)

When I was five months old I got very, very sick. My Mom says she gave me some medicine that was supposed to keep me from getting heartworms. Instead, it almost killed me. My liver failed and I quit eating. I lost almost 15 pounds in two weeks! My Mom says the only good thing about my illness is that she lost 20 pounds. But she also says she never want so to go on this kind of "diet" again. Just about the time my liver started working again, my kidneys started to fail. My Mom and my Doctor thought sure I was going to die. Then, just as they were ready to give up, I started eating again. My vet tech, Amy, calls me her Miracle Puppy and I guess I am. They say my kidneys don't work right anymore and I have to be careful about what I eat.

I was in a lot of dog shows but I didn't really like them very much. Except for the food! That part was great! My Mom says that she was the most proud of me in the show ring at the 1996 Samoyed National Specialty when me and my Real Mom, CH Polar Mist Society Girl CD (Tess) and my Real Sister, Polar Mist Society Shibli (Sibby) showed in the Brood Bitch class and we took 2nd place! It was kind of a surprise to everyone but mostly Mom couldn't believe how very GOOD I was. I usually act silly in the show ring because I really think it's a silly thing for a dog to do. I like to run REALLY FAST so the judge will laugh at me. And sometimes I just won't stand still.. it's so much more fun to dance, don't you think???

Update - Spring 1998: I think I have finally convinced Mom that I really don't like this show stuff. In December of 1997 she told my Daddy that she was going to enter me in one last show and if I acted like I didn't like it, I'd never have to be in another one. Well I certainly let Mom know how I felt. I got myself so worked up at the idea that this was my Last Show Ever that I sort of grabbed some bait out of her hand too fast. I really, really didn't mean to hurt Mom but she was bleeding a little bit. I felt really bad...but Mom said it was definite sign that I was not meant to be a show dog. Finally!

So now I'm spending my "retirement" being a good girl and trying very hard to learn this obedience stuff that mom like to do with me. It's not so bad but what I really like is Agility. When we go to Agility class I get to run really fast and jump really high. Someday Mom says I'm going to be a high scoring agility titlist. I have no idea what that means, but Mom smiles at me whenever she says it, so I guess it must be good

Update - April 2000: I'm not feeling so good these days.... Mom says I'm going to be leaving here soon. She is sad a lot and cries all the time. I guess I should be sad too. I will miss Mom and Boom'r and Icer and I wish I could see Kachina's kids grow up. Mom says little Raven reminds her of me. I've had a good life. How many dogs get to travel all over the country pretending to be a show dog? And pull a sled and a cart and do agility. My picture has been in bunches of books and magazines too. And because I was always so special Mom always let me get away with murder. So I can't be too sad. And I know I'll get to see Cajun and Irish again soon. And someday Mom and Boom'r and Icer will be with me again. For now, I think I'll go out in the yard awhile and enjoy the view.

Read Sasha's memorial.


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