WhiteStar Samoyeds Presents

Name: CH Krystall's Halloween Package WSX, HCTs, HIC
Call Name: Pumpkin
Nickname: Snickers
Birthdate: October 15, 1998
Favorite Color: indigo
Theme Song: Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
5 things about Pumpkin
1. Pumpkin was the 1999 SCA Grand Futurity Winner.
2. Pumpkin won her first major from the puppy class.
3. Pumpkin was Best of Opposite Sex in 3 Specialty sweepstakes.
4. Pumpkin is the only WhiteStar samoyed with an AHBA herding title.
5. Pumpkin barks at airplanes.

Pumpkin's story.....

I didn't come home to WhiteStar until I was already 7 months old. I just absolutely LOVED my new home as soon as I got here. My new sisters Kachina and Koshare were really fun. I had a big brother named Baron in my old home and I missed him lots but K and K made up for it pretty well. I also really liked my really big sister Sasha. All of us girls had lots of fun racing around the house in the evenings and bothering Icer.

Soon after I got here I got to start going out to these dogs show things. The very best part is that all kinds of people looked at me and told me how cute I was. I know that already but I still just love hearing it!

In July of 1999 I went to this really big show in Houston. Everyone there just loved me! I got picked to do "Meet the Breed" which is when you go to a special area and they put ou up on dispaly for people to come and pet and learn about what makes a Samoyed different from all other breeds. It was just TOO MUCH FUN! And I was so good at it that the people at Animal Planet came and interviewed me for their TV show! I also brought home bunches of trophies cause my big brother Icer said Mom likes them.

Right after we got back from Houston we went to another show. I won Mom a pretty purple ribbon and she was so excited! She said it was worth 4 points. Hmmm..looks like just a silly piece of flat ribbon to me... not nearly as pretty as the lavendar rosettes I won in Houston.

Then in September of 1999 we went to another big show in Wisconsin. This one was just for sammie dogs like me. There were bunches and bunches of puppies and they had special stuff for just us young pups to show in. One was called Futurity.. and guess what? I won the whole thing! I knew Mom wanted one of the really cool chainsaw carved sammies they had as trophies so I just decided I'd win her one. Everybody was so proud of me and I got a pretty pink and purple sash to wear on my back when they took the pictures. Mom was so happy she even hugged the judge!

After finishing my championship in September of 2001 I've been taking it easy. I tried to have a litter of puppies but things didn't work out very well. I was very sad for awhile, then Mom adopted Ilsa for me. She made up for all the sadness, in fact most of the time I forget she is not my own little girl!


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