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Name: WhiteStar's Sacred Clown
Call Name: Koshare
Nickname: Sharbear
Birthdate: June 7, 1997
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Theme Song: Sherry by Frankie Valli
5 things about Koshare
1. Koshare is named after Tony Hillerman book.
2. Koshare is afraid of sheep.
3. Koshare is Boom'rs daughter.
4. Koshare needs another major to get her championship
5. Koshare loves pillows.

Koshare's story....

Hi everybody! My name is Koshare... you say that like this ... co-shar-ie (it rhymes with sorry). It means Sacred Clown in the Native American Hopi language. I am named after a book by one of my Mom's favorite authors, Tony Hillerman.

I was born in the summer of 1997. I was part of both my Real Mom and my Moms first ever litter of puppies. There were five of us and we were without a doubt the cutest puppies ever born. I know that because I've seen pictures.

When I was just 4 months old I got a new baby sister to play with! That's when Kachina joined the family. We were inseparable from the very first day she came home.

When I was just 7 months old, in February of 1998, I was in my first dog show. It was in a really big, really crowded place with lots of dogs that were not nearly as cute as us sammies. I must have done something right because I won myself a brand new collar just like the one Kachina chewed off me the week before!

My favorite thing to do in life is run around my BIG back yard. The neighbors have a herd of goats and they are so much fun to watch and bark at, I can do it for hours and hours! We also have lots of horses in the neighberhood, they are good to bark at too.


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