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Name: Abakan WhiteStar o'Tundra Winds WSXM HIC
Call Name: Kachina
Nickname: Chin
Birthdate: July 31, 1997
Favorite Color: baby blue
Theme Song: Tequila and Indian Outlaw
5 things about Kachina
1. Kachina holds the 10th WSXM title awarded by SCA.
2. Kachina is Aliy and Raven's mom.
3. Kachina has pulled the highest weight of any WhiteStar samoyed.
4. Kachina won Best Puppy at her first show.
5. Kachina runs lead on the WhiteStar sled team.

Kachina's story....

My Mommy says that I was an accident. She says that my Aunt Donna was trying to decide between me and my Real Sister, Scrimshaw, to be her new puppy. Mommy and Aunt Donna thought me and Scrimmers were the two cutest puppies EVER, so Aunt Donna went home with Scrimmers and Mommy took me home. Boy you should have heard my new Daddy when we walked in the door.... "WHAT IS *THAT*?" he said. I didn't particularly like being called a that.... But Mommy was ever so calm ... She just told Daddy she was watching me for the week for my Aunt Donna. At the end of the week I had Daddy wrapped around my furry little paw. I was home to stay.

Soon after I came to live in my new home Mom started taking me to things called dog shows and puppy matches. At my very first show ever I won Mommy a great big green rosette that said "Best Puppy" on it. Well, I already knew I was the Best Puppy ever but it's nice to know I have documentation to prove it!

Boy is that ever an old picture of me that mom has up on this page! Since I was little like in that picture I've grown a whole bunch. I'm a big girl now and I've done all sorts of big girl things. I ran on Mom's sled team (I was the LEAD DOG!) and I have gone on lots of pack hikes and been too tons of weight pulls. Shows are okay but what I really LOVE is this kind of stuff! Mom says I'm the Best Worker of all the dogs here at WhiteStar and I have a Master Working Samoyed title to prove it!!

But even with all the fun things I've done, the best thing I ever did was to become a mom. Back in 2000 I gave birth to six wonderful puppies. Taking care of them was the most fun thing ever. And lucky me, two of my daughters, Aliy and Raven, got to stay here at WhiteStar. They are all grown up now and are both champions... I am so proud of my girls. And now Aliy is going to have puppies... I'll be a Grandma soon!


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