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Name: CH Shaman's Play It Again Sam HIC
Call Name: Ilsa
Nickname: Issy or Issa
Birthdate: Sept 11, 2002
Favorite Color: hot pink
Theme Song: Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
5 things about Ilsa
1. Ilsa has been Best of Winners at two specialties.
2. Ilsa thinks she is Pumpkin's daughter
3. Ilsa is named after the character Ingrid Bergman played in Casablanca.
4. Ilsa doesn't think dogs should wear sweaters.
5. Ilsa chases dirt.

Ilsa's story....

My name is Ilsa and I'm a very special WhiteStar puppy. Back in the fall of 2002 Pumpkin had puppies but they all got sick and died. At about the same time Alaska also died. Both Mommy and Pumpkin were very very sad.

My Aunt Lisa, Uncle Doug and Uncle Bo decided that Mommy and Pumpkin needed me to make them happy again so they sent me to WhiteStar. As soon as I arrived Pumpkin adopted me as her own little girl. Pumpkin and I slept together for weeks and we played together all day long. Seeing Pumpkin happy again made Mom happy too!!

I am named after the character Ilsa in the movie Casablanca. Mom says it is the perfect name for me because Ingrid Bergman was one of the most beautiful, elegant women to ever live, and I am the most beautiful, elegant and graceful Sammie ever.

When I was just five months old I got a new little sister, Kelly. Mom says we were double the trouble and double the fun! For the last year we have been inseparable. We do everything together including going to dog shows!

At my very first show I won a pretty purple and white ribbon. Mom was so happy! I decided to do even better at the very next show and I did! I won a purple ribbon, a blue and white ribbon and a dark green ribbon. Mom was very excited. She said I was Best of Winners and Best Puppy at a Specialty! Since then I've won lots of other ribbons and have another specialty win.

I recently finished my championship with my fourth major and already have two Best of Breed wins!


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