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Name: CH Tundra Winds 32 Degrz o' WhiteStar WSX HIC
Call Name: Icer
Nickname: The IceMan
Birthdate: July 21, 1995
Favorite Color: hot pink
Theme Song: Thistlehair the Christmas Bear by Alabama

5 things about Icer
1. Icer was the youngest WhiteStar Champion.
2. Icer is Boom'rs brother.
3. Icer has been on cover of a magazine.
4. Icer hates German Shepherds.
5. Icer loves ice cream.
Icer's story....

I was born in July of 1995, the second in a litter of 6. I knew I was a special little guy right from the beginning... my Mom says so and she would never lie to me! My breeders, Kent and Donna Dannen, are professional photographers. From the time I was very young I've had a camera stuck in my face, so in addition to being special, I'm also highly photogenic.

In 1996 when we went to Puyallup Washington for the National Specialty, I was old enough to show. Mom had told my Aunt Donna that she just wanted me to place in one class. Well! I showed them! Not only did I place in all three of my classes, I WON two of them! And I got Mom lots of beautiful trophies. Boom'r says I'm stupid because I didn't win anything I could eat, but I just wanted to make Mom happy. Food isn't everything although you'd never know it if you talked to Sasha or Boom'r.

When I was just a little guy, too young to be shown, my Mom took me to the National Specialty in Austin Texas. I couldn't believe how many samoyeds were there! It seemed like my Mom got really excited when her friends won these things she called trophies. I decided that if having other dogs winning could make Mom so happy that if *I* could win, she'd be even happier. And so I started winning stuff when I was just a little guy. In fact, I won my first championship points when I was just 9 months old

1997 was an exciting year for me. We went to Arizona in March. It was REALLY HOT especially for a winter dog like me. One Saturday I'm out with my Grandma, CH Tundra Winds Glacier Lily WSXM, pulling a sled and just six days later I'm in 98 degree weather. My names not 32 Degrz for no reason! Anyway, while we were in Arizona I won a major which made Mom really really happy. So the very next show, In Texas I won another major. The next show, in New Mexico I won another one and then the very next show, in Colorado, I finished my championship (and won Mom a great big beautiful blue and gold rosette).

Now I get to put a CH in front of my name just like Sky and Boom'r and my Real Mom and Real Dad!


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