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Name: CH Sunnyside's WhiteStar K'Boom WSX HIC
Call Name: Boom'r
Nickname: Boo
Birthdate: May 23, 1994
Favorite Color: purple
Theme Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

5 things about Boom'r
1. Boom'r is named after her father, CH Saratoga's Sonic Boom WSX
2. Boom'r was the first WhiteStar champion.
3. Boom'r is Koshare's mother.
4. Boom'r is Icer's half sister.
5. Boom'r won a Best in Match at the age of 5 months.
Boom'rs story....

I was just 6 weeks old the first time Mom and I met. She came to see and my Real Brothers and Sisters. She tells everybody that she fell in love with me right away. I never would have guessed because she pretty much ignored me that day. Mom says she was positive that my breeder was going to keep me so she didn't want to get attached to me right away and be disappointed. Boy was she happy when she came back three weeks later and found out I could go home with her!

I spent my early days in my new home playing with my older sister Sasha and chewing up lots of things. When I was just a few months old, Mom started taking me to conformation classes. WOW! I really loved it! Mom said I was a born show dog. I loved everything about going to shows, even getting a bath and being dryed. I really don't understand why Sasha never liked it.

I consider myself a "career" girl so after finishing my championship in April of 1996, I got down to the business of growing up and becoming a "Specials Bitch". Competition here in Colorado is tough so I was happy with all the Best of Opposite Sex awards and the few Best of Breeds that I won.

Well, career girl or not I had to put that part of my life on hold in 1997. In June of that yearI became a Mom! It was a pretty exciting time for the everyone. I presented the family with five puppies, four boys and one girl. Their story was here on the web page and you can still see some pictures if you click here. One of my kids remained with us here at WhiteStar. You can visit Koshare at her page when you finish looking at mine.


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