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Name: CH WhiteStar's Yukon Quest HIC WS
Call Name: Aliy
Nickname: AlBear
Birthdate: March 16, 2000
Favorite Color: yellow
Theme Song: Alison by Elvis Costello
5 things about Aliy
1. Aliy is named after Alaskan musher Aliy Zirkle.
2. Aliy finished her championship with four majors.
3. Aliy is Kachina's daughter.
4. Aliy is Raven's sister.
5. Aliy had puppies on June 21,2004

Aliy's story....

I'm the most special WhiteStar sammie because I was the first ever puppy born right here at WhiteStar!!! Koshare and her brothers were all born at the vet's office but I was born right here at the house in March of 2000. Mom says she knew I was staying here my whole life almost from the minute I was born.

My sister Raven also got to stay and we had so much fun growing up together! Our Real Mom Kachina took really good care of us and she had lots of help from Pumpkin. Pumpkin was the best playmate ever when we were little, she taught us all kinds of things.

When I was very very little Raven and I used to go to puppy matches and Raven always beat me cause I was kind of funny looking. That was okay with me because I knew when I grew up I'd be really beautiful. Iknew becuase Mom told me so all the time.

Sure enough, when I turned two I got really beautiful. I already had 4 points when Iwent to Arizona in the spring of 2002. While I was there I won two more shows and then I had 12 points! A few weeks later and I went to another show and I won another major and became a champion. Then I became a special and right now I have more Best of Breeds than any other WhiteStar dog!

For the time being I'm retired from the show ring because I'm busy being a mom! I had a litter of four beautiful puppies back in June 2004. One of them is staying here at WhiteStar. Her name is Babe and you will be able to visit her at her very own page soon.


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