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Name: Anne's Alaskan Snow Spinner CGC
Call Name: Alaska
Nickname: Cubbie
Birthdate: January 13, 1989
Favorite Color: pink
Theme Song: Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham
5 things about Alaska
1. Alaska was the first Samoyed at WhiteStar.
2. Alaska was a girl but she was bigger than most boys.
3. Alaska was in one dog show in her life.
4. Alaska loved puppies.
5. Alaska died in November 2002.

Alaska's story....

I was born on a Friday the 13th and my Mom brought me home on April Fool's Day. That sort of sums up my early life. Soon after I came to my new home I had an accident and my jaw got broken. The doctor said he'd never seen anything quite like it and didn't know for sure how to fix it. They pulled a bunch of my teeth and sewed my mouth up where it was cut open. They said I'd need surgery again, but I showed them all how tough I am by healing up just fine! Then I came down with kennel cough and then mange. Then I had another accident and had to get stitches in my leg. When I was six months old I was spayed and my stitches got infected because I tried to chew them out. Mom says I was a disaster the first year!

Since my younger, accident prone days, I've been a lot more careful and I try very hard not to get into situations where I can get hurt. But it seems that trouble just follows me around. Most recently I've been having problems with "spear grass". This is a type of weed that is very sharp at one end with a little hook in it. It will stick into my skin and work it's way in until it can't be pulled out. It can move all over your body and cause infections. I've had to have surgery twice to remove pieces from my shoulder and my tummy. That was not fun at all. I had to wear this stupid looking thing they call an Elizabethan collar for TWO WEEKS! Sasha kept calling me "Cone Head" the whole time.

Mom thought I was the most beautiful puppy in the world (I was!) and wanted everyone in the world to see me. When I was about two, she had a woman at an craft fair make a necklace for her with my picture on it. She sent the lady a bunch of pictures. Two months later the necklace you see here showed up in the mail with a note from the lady saying she thought it was one of the best commissioned pieces she'd ever done. It's still one of my Mom's favorite pieces of jewelry.

I just love puppies, both the human and the canine kind. I never had any puppies of my own but I helped raised a lot here at WhiteStar. First there was Sasha, then Boom'r. Most recently I helped raise Aliy and Raven. Mom says all those puppies helped keep me young my while life!

November 2002 - Alaska passed awy recently after almost 14 years of bringing so much joy. She was lively and healthy right up until the end, for that we are greatful.


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